Clinical, Forensic & Neuropsychologist

Assess an individual’s psychological and/or neuropsychological functioning and report findings to the attorney, a legal tribunal, an employer, an insurer, or others.  If necessary, provide testimony to judicial and/or administrative bodies.

Explain the practical implications of relevant research, examination of findings, and the opinions of other psycholegal experts.

Provide an attorney with an informed understanding of the role that psychology can play in the attorney’s case.

Collect and disseminate data that is relevant to various legal issues.

Treatment Provider
Provide therapeutic services tailored to the issues and context of an individual involved in a legal proceeding and to persons experiencing psychological difficulties who are not involved in legal matters.

Educate police officers, graduate students, medical students, nurses, medical residents, forensic psychiatry fellows, clinical psychology interns, attorneys and colleagues about various forensic issues.

Supervise postdoctoral psychology graduates, psychiatric residents, and forensic psychiatric fellows.

Dr. Hayes has been called to testify in various states and jurisdictions.  She is retained and has testified in criminal cases on behalf of public defenders, States attorneys and United States attorneys.  In the civil arena, she has been retained by and has testified on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants.