About Jill Hayes

After receiving her doctoral degree in clinical psychology with a minor in behavioral neuroscience, Dr. Hayes began her career at the LSU Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC) Department of Psychiatry in New Orleans where she completed a forensic psychology and neuropsychology fellowship.  She also completed the FBI Citizen’s Academy. 

As an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at LSUHSC, Dr. Hayes was actively involved in teaching, clinical work, and forensic private practice.  She taught graduate psychology students, medical students, psychiatric residents and psychiatric fellows.  She was also the Director of Psychology Training for LSUHSC.  In addition to working with the victims of violent crime, Dr. Hayes was the mental health director of the New Orleans HIV Clinic.  It was here that Dr. Hayes and her colleagues wrote a critically acclaimed book titled A Woman’s Guide to Living with HIV Infection, published by Johns Hopkins, in addition to many other book chapters and articles.

While at LSUHSC, Dr. Hayes maintained a part-time forensic practice testifying and consulting in many jurisdictions, but after Hurricane Katrina, this part-time effort became more prominent, with her maintaining offices in New Orleans and Scottsdale, Arizona.  Dr. Hayes’ forensic private practice focuses on criminal and civil legal consulting and evaluations.  She also maintains a clinical practice.  She has continued writing, publishing another book with Johns Hopkins and other articles.  Likewise, she continued teaching as adjunct faculty with LSUHSC, University of New Orleans, and also Arizona State University. 

Dr. Hayes was on the advisory board of the Bureau of Justice Assistance project titled “Developing BJA Sponsored Tools for Instilling, Promoting and Maintaining Professional Integrity in Law Enforcement Agencies,” was a consultant regarding child abuse to the US Department of Justice and continues as a mental health consultant to various police agencies.  Additionally, Dr. Hayes is often asked by local and national radio and television stations to discuss various forensic issues, and she was featured on A & E’s American Justice and on Court TV’s Forensic Files.